Frequently Asked question

Frequently Asked Questions– Event Entertainment Questions Answered!

Have a question about a casino night party? We listed our frequently asked questions below with the answer to help you decide if this is the right event entertainment for your next event or party! Have any other questions or are interested in a free quote?

How does a casino party work?

Vegas on Wheels casino parties begin with determining your specific party’s needs based on number of attendees and location.  If you are having a casino party for a fundraiser, check out our fundraising section to make sure your fundraiser goes smoothly.  Once the planning process has been completed, the fun will begin. 

Vegas on Wheels will set up before the party begins.  When your guests arrive, they will be given a certain amount of “Funny Money” (we recommend $500- $1000) which they can exchange at any casino table for a smaller denomination of chips.  Throughout the event, your guests will be able to move freely between tables with our cash out vouchers. 

At the end party, our dealers will add up the total number of chips that each guest has and will give them each a cash voucher.  This cash out voucher can then be used for options like raffle tickets to give out a prize at the end of the night, or prizes can go to the winners with the highest amount.

What happens if someone doesn't know how to play?

Our dealers are all friendly and trained professionals.  Along with entertaining your guests, our staff’s goal is to teach the ins and outs of the game to players of all skill levels.  This ensures that everyone learns, has fun and experiences the festive casino night atmosphere.

What are the sizes of the table and how many chairs do they require?

As far as the chair amounts, Blackjack tables seat 8, Texas Hold ’em tables seat 10, and for all bonus games/carnival games they seat 8 as well. The tables plus space for chairs will take up a 7′ by 10′ area. Please visit our pricing page for more information regarding table sizing and number of chairs.

How long does it take to set up?

It all depends on location, venue, and how many tables you have requested to determine amount of time for set up. Vegas on Wheels will set up before your guests arrive. On average, set up can take ten minutes per table. At the conclusion of the party, our staff will break down all of our equipment quickly and discreetly. For an additional cost, our staff will wait till all of your guests have left to breakdown.

How long does a Casino Party last for?

The average party lasts 3 hours.  There is an additional charge for every hour after that per dealer.

Are Casino Party's Legal?

Yes, casino parties are legal. It’s all for fun, with no real gambling involved.  Vegas on Wheels is strictly an entertainment company and you are hiring us for casino night entertainment services.  Your guests wager with casino chips and you will have the choice as the host if you would like them to win prizes at the end. There is no monetary requirement for them to participate. Guests of any age are allowed to play.