Casino Party- A Unique Fundraising Idea!

How does a fundraiser work?

A Casino Fundraiser is a very popular way for non-profit organizations to raise money. Non-profit organizations especially enjoy a casino night or poker night for fundraising because their guests are effortlessly entertained while donating funds. Our casino night fundraisers have the look and feel of a real casino!

“I am so thankful we have hooked up with [Vegas on Wheels]!! They help us take a really cool idea and turn it into an amazing annual fundraiser for the Monroe Lions Club!!!” – Dan

Every successful casino fundraiser has one thing in common – a good turnout. If people show up, they will spend money and your profits will follow. Allow us to help you promote your fundraiser with new fundraising ideas, free online advertising, and our group of local players looking to help out your cause.

Looking for a fundraising idea for church? Casino nights are a great way to bring in a crowd

Things you will need to figure out for your fundraising event:

    • Factor how much money you need to raise and how much will this type of party cost
    • Pick a venue & time
    • Obtain prize donations from local businesses, outside sales, real casinos, hotels, movies theaters and more
    • Sell pre-sale tickets to prospective guests
    • Get table sponsorship’s with ads on the gaming tables
    • Advertise your event for free in local businesses
  • Use free internet tools such as Evite, Facebook, Eventbrite and other networks to help you get local support
  • Accept different methods of payments such as Paypal, Google Checkout, Credit Cards and more

As your guests check-in, they will receive a set amount of casino fundraiser chips. The amount of casino chips the player is given at the door will directly influence how much money they will spend the rest of the evening. Money is raised for your organization through the pre-sale tickets, purchases of addtional chips, raffle tickets or food & beverages. Customer is respectable for all local and state laws and permits. Unlike Las Vegas, no real money is won as a result of gaming. Players become eligible to win prizes as the gaming closes by exchanging their casino chips for raffle tickets. Prizes would need to be donated for several drawings at the end of the evening. A players chance to win a prize is limited by the number of raffle tickets they earned by playing the casino games. As an example: The dealers, managers and cashiers can exchange $500.00 in chips for 1 raffle ticket.

We take of it all for you!
If you are planning your own fundraiser, below are some things you will want to keep in mind :

    • Set up early at the facility
    • Have change available at the “cash desk”
    • Have additional fake money and drink tickets at cash desk
    • Have a public address system on hand to announce prizes etc.
    • Have sponsors signs in place on all tables
    • Have bow-ties, uniforms etc. available for volunteer dealers
    • Number tables
    • Have dealers assigned to a specific table ahead of time
    • Post signs prominently indicating chip denominations
    • Post information about buying more fake money
    • Clearly indicate location of cash desk
    • Have change or drink tickets available at bar(s)
    • Designate all tasks ahead of time – specifically breakdown and clean up
  • Keep thorough notes for your next event – the second time is always easier